Having issues with your car's electrical system can be extremely frustrating. Strange electrical gremlins can leave you stranded or force you to shell out big bucks for repairs. But before you call the mechanic, there is a little-known trick you can try yourself to fix faulty wiring and prevent those expensive garage bills.

Why Automotive Wiring Fails

Automotive electrical systems are complex and demanding. Your vehicle's wiring harness carries power and signals to components all over the car. This wiring is subjected to vibration, moisture, temperature swings, and more. Over time, this can lead to:

These issues manifest themselves through all sorts of electrical gremlins - no starts, dead batteries, flickering lights, and so on. Tracking them down can be a nightmare. But before you call the mobile auto electrician, try this simple trick first.

The Little-Known Fix - WD-40 to the Rescue

One quick and effective solution to many automotive electrical issues is to spray everything down with WD-40! Here's why this works:

Many intermittent electrical issues are caused by corrosion and poor connections. Spraying everything down with WD-40 can often dissolve away the grime and moisture ruining your car's electrical system.

How to Use WD-40 on Car Electrical Systems

Fixing your wiring issues with WD-40 is simple:

The light solvents combined with water displacing and corrosion protection abilities give WD-40 unique properties to fix automotive electrical systems. Take care not to overspray onto belts, hoses, and pulleys.

Real-World Examples of WD-40 Fixing Electrical Issues

Many people have experienced great success using this trick. For example:

WD-40 is able to resolve many electrical headaches thanks to its unique solvent and protective abilities. It's worth trying before you resort to drastic repairs.

Caveats and Warnings

While this trick works great in many cases, here are some precautions:

While WD-40 isn't a permanent fix for faulty wiring, it can get you out of a jam and help diagnose issues. Be smart and safe when using this automotive electrical trick.


Strange electrical issues don't always require complicated repairs. Before calling a mechanic, try using WD-40 throughout the wiring system. Its ability to displace moisture and clean connections can fix many common electrical problems. Spray down wires, grounds, connectors, and components. Let it sit before testing. For many vehicles, this quick trick can resolve electrical gremlins and avoid costly garage bills. Just be smart, cautious, and don't expect it to be a permanent fix. Give the WD-40 wiring fix a shot and get your vehicle's electrical system working properly again!