I had never heard of the Paragon home wiring system until I started researching ways to update the electrical system in my 1970s era house. As I dug into the history and technology behind Paragon, I realized it was a revolutionary wiring method that transformed home electrical installations due to its safety, flexibility and ease of use. However, Paragon never gained widespread popularity or recognition, even though it solved many of the problems with traditional home electrical systems.

What Is the Paragon Home Wiring System?

The Paragon system is a method of wiring a home using insulated aluminium cables that plug into outlets and fixtures using special connectors. It was developed in the 1960s as an alternative to traditional knob and tube wiring and armored cable wiring.

Some key advantages of the Paragon system include:

The Paragon system consists of:

The Genius of the Paragon System's Design

The Paragon system solved many of the safety and usability issues with traditional electrical wiring methods used in homes. This revolutionary design made Paragon superior in many ways:

The Paragon system was like an Erector Set for home wiring. It allowed any homeowner to safely customize their electrical system, add new circuits, rearrange outlets and lights, and complete upgrades or repairs without any special training.

Why Paragon Never Caught On Despite Its Benefits

Given the significant safety and usability advantages of the Paragon system, it is surprising that it did not become the standard for home wiring across America. There are a few key reasons Paragon never gained widespread adoption:

So while Paragon provided an innovative and problem-solving approach to home wiring, the entrenched electrical industry and changing market winds prevented it from becoming a widespread success. But for those who did adopt Paragon, it modernized and enhanced their home's electrical system for comfort, safety and flexibility.

My Experience Installing Paragon Wiring in My Home

When I bought my 1970s home, it still had the original aluminum wiring which was notorious for safety issues. I wanted to upgrade to a safer, more modern system but did not want to pay an electrician or tear open walls for new wiring. This led me to research alternative wiring solutions, and I discovered the Paragon system.

I decided Paragon was ideal for my needs because of its safety features and flexible DIY-friendly design. Ordering the Paragon components was easy - I could purchase pre-cut cables, outlet adapters, junction boxes and all the parts I needed.

Working with the Paragon system was simple. The modular plug-and-play connections let me run cables anywhere without splicing. I could add new circuits by just plugging in a cable between the junction boxes. Swapping out old outlets and switches was a breeze with the adapter connectors.

In the end, I felt empowered to have customized and upgraded our home's wiring myself using Paragon. I gained peace of mind knowing the house now had a modern, safer electrical system. While Paragon never reached mass adoption, I'm thankful it provided the perfect solution for modernizing the wiring in my older home.