I absolutely love customizing my car and making it look unique. One of the coolest additions I've made is installing LED light strips. Not only do they look awesome, but they're really easy to install yourself at home. In this guide, I'll walk you through everything you need to know to make your own epic LED lights that will make all your friends jealous.

Pick Out Your LED Light Strips

The first step is picking out the LED light strips you want to install. Here are some things to consider:


How long do you want your LED strips to be? Popular lengths are 1m, 2m, and 5m. Think about where in your car you want to install them and measure to determine what length you need. Longer strips let you cover more area.


LED strips come in all different color options - single colors like red, blue, or green, multicolors that can display different colors, RGB that can be controlled to show any color, and white. Think about what look you're going for in your car.

Some popular choices are:


Brighter LEDs (with higher lumens) will really make your lights pop. Check the lumens rating when choosing your lights. Anything 1000 lumens or higher will give you an excellent bright glow.


Since these lights will go in your car, make sure to get waterproof LED strips rated at least IP65 or higher. This ensures they'll hold up to weather and condensation without any issues.

After considering these factors, choose the LED strips that match the look you're going for. Shop around online to find good deals.

Gather the Rest of the Supplies You'll Need

In addition to the LED light strips, you'll need a few other supplies:

Make sure to get everything in your kit before starting your installation. Having the right supplies will make the project go smoothly.

Plan Out Your Light Layout

Now it's time to think about where exactly you want to install your new LED strips. Here are some popular placement ideas in your car:

Sketch out a layout deciding how you want to position the strips for the look you have in mind. Measure lengths needed. Plan where the wires will route and how you'll hide them. Having a solid plan is crucial for a clean install.

Install the LED Light Strips in Your Car

Time for the fun part - installing your new lights! Follow these steps:

1. Thoroughly clean the mounting surface

Use rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt, oil or debris so the tape adheres properly.

2. Attach strips with automotive mounting tape

Peel tape backings and firmly press strips into your desired mounted position. Apply pressure for 30 seconds to create a strong bond to the surface.

3. Route and hide connecting wires

Use zip ties and clips to neatly run and hide wires between the LED strips and power inverter. Hide along trim, under interior panels, beneath floor mats.

4. Connect wires and test lights

Attach wires to power inverter and LED controller. Start car, turn on lights and test all connections. Make sure light strips are illuminated and functioning properly before moving to next step.

5. Secure wires and reinstall interior panels

Once lights are working, neatly secure all wires with more zip ties and clips. Reinstall any interior panels you removed. Check that wire routing looks clean.

And that's it - fire up those new LEDs and enjoy the awesome glow!

Sync Your Lights to an App for Advanced Effects

To take your new LED strips to the next level, you can sync them up with an app to control lighting effects right from your phone.

Here are some of the cool effects you can program:

Using a controller app unlocks all kinds of customization and lets you program impressive lighting displays. Your friends will be begging you to do their car lights next!

Enjoy Your New Fully Illuminated Vehicle

Well there you have it - a full guide to building your own sick LED light strips for your car. It takes a bit of planning, but the installation is actually pretty simple. Once finished, you'll have an incredibly unique ride that looks amazing at night.

Cruising around town with your flashy new lights, your car will turn heads everywhere you go. All your friends are going to be drooling with jealousy wishing their whips looked as cool as yours! There's nothing better than customizing your car exactly how you want it. Have fun showing off your new fully illuminated ride!