How to Build a DIY Solar Generator for Off-Grid Power When the Grid Goes Down

Building your own solar generator for off-grid power can provide you with reliable electricity when the main power grid goes down. With some basic components and DIY skills, you can assemble a solar generator capable of powering essential appliances and devices during power outages. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to build your own DIY solar generator for off-grid power:

Selecting the Solar Panel

The solar panel is the heart of the solar generator system. When choosing a solar panel, consider the following:

For a medium-sized DIY solar generator, I would recommend a 100W 12V monocrystalline solar panel. This strikes a good balance between power, efficiency, and cost.

Choosing the Battery Bank

The battery bank stores the energy from the solar panel. Important factors to consider are:

For a 100W solar panel, I would recommend using two 100Ah 12V deep cycle AGM batteries connected in parallel. This provides 200Ah at 12V for ample storage capacity.

Getting the Remaining Components

Here are the other main components you will need:

Assembling the System

Follow these steps to assemble the DIY solar generator:

  1. Install the charge controller by connecting solar panel wires to input and battery wires to output. Add a fuse between the solar panel and controller.

  2. Connect the batteries in parallel - positive to positive, negative to negative. Make sure battery voltage matches solar panel and inverter.

  3. Install a DC disconnect switch between the charge controller and battery bank.

  4. Connect the inverter to the batteries through fuse/breakers. Some inverters have battery cables integrated.

  5. Add AC outlets to the inverter output so you can plug in appliances. Install an AC breaker.

  6. Wire and connect all components securely. Enclose in a protected case.

  7. Flip the disconnect switches and turn on the inverter to start generating power.

Usage Tips and Safety

Once assembled, keep these usage tips in mind:

With the right components and proper assembly, a DIY solar generator can be a very useful backup power source when you need to go off-grid! Take precautions and limit loads to extend battery life.