I want to share how I built a DIY solar panel system that powers my entire home for under $200. With some basic materials and following the steps below, you can build your own affordable solar panel system as well.

What You Need To Get Started

To build a solar panel system on a budget, you'll need the following materials:

With these basic components and some DIY spirit, you can build your own budget solar panel system! The rest of this article will walk through the process step-by-step.

Determining How Many Solar Panels You Need

The size of solar panel system you need depends on your energy usage. Follow these steps to determine how many panels your home needs:

Constructing the Solar Panel Frame

With the number of panels needed figured out, it's time to build the panel frame:

Now you have sturdy solar panel backing ready for the solar cells and wiring.

Connecting the Solar Cells

Here is the process I used to connect 40 solar cells together into a single 200W panel:

Connecting all the solar cells in series combines their power output into a single 200W solar panel.

Completing the Solar Panel

The last steps are finishing touches to complete the DIY solar panel:

With that, your homebuilt 200W solar panel is ready to be mounted and wired into the system!

Wiring Multiple Solar Panels Together

For a solar system with multiple panels, they need to be wired in parallel:

Wiring the panels in parallel combines their current while maintaining the voltage. Follow the microinverter wiring instructions to complete the connections.

Mounting and Installing the Solar Panels

Now it's time to mount the DIY solar panels and get them producing power:

With the panels installed, you're ready to connect them into your homes electrical system.

Connecting to the Electrical System

The final stage is connecting the solar panel system into your home's electrical grid:

Once connected to the electrical system via the microinverter, your DIY solar panels will begin producing free, clean energy to power your home!

Safety Considerations

When working with solar panels and electricity, be sure to take proper safety precautions:

By following good safety practices, you can install your DIY solar system safely.


Building your own solar panel system is a very rewarding project that will provide free renewable energy for your home. In this article, I walked through the complete process I used to create a 200W solar system for under $200. Follow the steps outlined here to create your own affordable DIY solar panel system to power your home! Let me know if you have any other questions.