How to Build a DIY Solar Phone Charger With Stuff Around Your House

How to Build a DIY Solar Phone Charger With Stuff Around Your House

Building your own solar phone charger is a fun project that allows you to harness the power of the sun to charge your devices. With just a few simple materials, you can make an easy DIY solar charger that will let you charge your phone or other USB devices anywhere the sun is shining.

What You'll Need

To build a basic solar phone charger, you'll need the following materials:

Assembling the Charger

Building the solar phone charger involves basic wiring of the components:

  1. Attach the solar panel to the top of your plastic enclosure using double-sided tape or velcro.

  2. Use double-sided tape or velcro to mount the charge controller and battery inside the enclosure.

  3. Connect the solar panel positive and negative wires to the corresponding charge controller terminals.

  4. Connect the battery to the output terminals on the charge controller. This allows the solar panel to charge the battery.

  5. Run a USB cable from the battery to a port on the outside of the enclosure. This will connect to your phone.

  6. Ensure all connections are secure, then place the lid on the enclosure. Your solar charger is complete!

Here is a diagram of the wiring:

Using Your Solar Phone Charger

Using the solar charger is easy. Simply place it in direct sunlight and connect your phone via the USB port.

With this simple DIY solar phone charger, you'll stay powered up anywhere the sun is shining! Customize yours with fun duct tape designs or expand it to add more solar panels.