I decided to build my own solar powered phone charger using common household items. This simple DIY project allows me to charge my phone anywhere without needing access to an electrical outlet. With just a few basic components, I was able to assemble an eco-friendly and portable solar phone charger.

Gather the Necessary Materials

The materials needed for this DIY phone charger are easy to find:

Assemble the Components

With my materials gathered, I was ready to start building the DIY solar charger. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Attach Wires to the Solar Panel

Step 2: Connect the Diode

Step 3: Connect Wires to the Power Bank

Step 4: Insulate and Mount Components

And that's it! With these basic steps I was able to assemble a functional DIY solar phone charger from parts readily available in my house.

Using the Solar Charger

Charging devices with my homemade solar rig is super easy:

My 10000 mAh power bank stores enough energy to charge my iPhone fully about 5-6 times from a day in the sun. Just leave it plugged in and it will charge devices whenever needed.

I also use a 12V car phone charger with the solar panel for longer road trips. It charges while I drive.

Tips for the Best DIY Solar Phone Charger

After constructing and testing my homemade solar rig, I have some useful tips:

With these simple tips and instructions, anyone can build their own portable DIY solar phone charger for emergencies, camping trips, and everyday use! Let me know if you have any other questions in the comments.