How to Build a DIY WiFi Extender from Old Router Parts


A DIY WiFi extender can be a great way to improve your home's wireless coverage without spending a lot of money. By repurposing an old router, I can build my own WiFi booster to eliminate dead zones in my house.

In this article, I will walk through the full process of creating a DIY WiFi range extender from an old router I have lying around. I'll cover:

With just a bit of technical know-how and an old router, I can build a custom WiFi extender tailored for my home's layout. Let's get started!

What You'll Need

To build a DIY WiFi repeater, I'll need to gather some basic equipment:

That's all the equipment required. I likely already have an old router and Ethernet cable on hand. Now let's look at configuring the router as a repeater.

Configuring the Router as a Repeater

The process of configuring an old router as a WiFi extender will vary slightly depending on my router brand and model. But the general steps are:

  1. First, I'll connect my main router to the old router via Ethernet cable. This backhaul connection is what will relay the network signal.

  2. Next, I need to access my old router's admin interface. I'll look up the default gateway IP address, like

  3. In the admin dashboard, I need to disable DHCP server so the old router stops acting as the main router.

  4. Then I can set it to repeater mode to relay the wireless signal from my main router.

  5. Finally, I match up the network SSID and password so devices can connect seamlessly.

I may also want to set a different IP subnet on the repeater to avoid conflicts with IP addresses on my network. With those steps complete, my DIY extender should work!

Optimizing the Repeater

To get the very best performance out of my DIY WiFi extender, there are some additional optimizations I can make:

With some tweaking and testing, I can optimize my DIY extender to maximize my home's WiFi reach and performance.

Positioning Tips

How and where I set up my DIY WiFi repeater makes a big difference in extending my wireless network:

Taking the time to find the very best location will ensure my DIY repeater can provide the WiFi boost I need.

Enjoy Extended WiFi Coverage

Creating my own DIY WiFi extender is a fun project that can pay off with better WiFi coverage throughout my home. No longer will I deal with frustrating dead zones where the signal cuts out. With my homemade wireless repeater, I can enjoy strong internet access in every corner. Plus I saved money by repurposing my old equipment.