How to Build a Low-Cost Electric Guitar from Scrap Materials

I've decided to take on the fun project of building my own electric guitar using scrap materials I have lying around. As a beginner, I want to make something simple and inexpensive before attempting more complex builds. Here is my step-by-step guide on how I built a basic electric guitar on a budget.

Planning the Guitar Design

Before gathering materials, I needed to plan out the guitar design. Important factors to decide include:

Building the Guitar Body

With my design planned, it was time to start building. The steps I took to build the guitar body were:

Crafting the Neck

The neck required more precision to get good playability. My process for making the neck was:

Final Assembly

With the body and neck complete, it was time for final assembly:

While it took some work, I'm thrilled to now have a custom electric guitar that I made myself for under $50. This basic build gave me the confidence and skills to attempt more complex guitar projects in the future.