Building your own home security system with Arduino is an excellent way to protect your home on a budget. With some basic electronic components and a bit of programming knowledge, you can create a fully customized system tailored to your needs.

Why Build Your Own System?

Purchasing a commercial security system can cost thousands of dollars when factoring in equipment costs, installation fees and monthly monitoring charges. DIY systems are much more affordable in comparison:

Building your own system also allows for total customization and control. You can:

Required Components

The following components are needed to construct a basic Arduino home security system:

Arduino Board

The brain of the system. An Arduino Uno or Arduino Nano will work well and cost under $10.


Detect motion, door/window openings, etc. PIR motion sensors, magnetic door sensors and vibration sensors are commonly used.


Buzzer modules and LED lights provide audio and visual alarms. A GSM module can send text alerts.


Add Arduino compatible cameras or an IP webcam for capturing footage.

SD Card Module

Log detection events and store camera recordings with an SD card module.

Power Supply

A 5V USB charger or battery pack will power the system. Regulated power modules clean up the power.

Wires, Resistors, Breadboard

For connecting the components together.

Hardware Assembly

With the components acquired, next is assembling the hardware. The general process is:

Refer to circuit diagrams for breadboard wiring help. The full hardware assembly process deserves its own detailed guide.

Writing the Arduino Code

The Arduino code brings the system to life by controlling the logic and functions. Key things the code will handle:

The Arduino IDE is used to write the code. Many Arduino home security system examples are available for reference.

Installing the System

With the hardware built and programmed, the last step is installation. Recommendations for optimal placement:

Also ensure the components are powered reliably with the battery or power module.


Building your own Arduino based security system is an extremely rewarding DIY project. The end result is a fully customized system that protects your home with no monthly fees. With the help of this guide, you can now take on this exciting project yourself!