Squirrels can be very pesky when it comes to bird feeders. Their acrobatic abilities allow them to access feeders with ease, and they have a voracious appetite. Chasing them away rarely works for long. A more effective solution is to build a deterrent device that will discourage squirrels from approaching your feeders in the first place. A motion-activated laser turret is an inexpensive way to startle and scare off squirrels when they attempt to raid your bird food.

Materials Needed

Building a laser turret to deter squirrels requires just a few affordable components:

Assembly Instructions

Building the laser turret involves basic electronics skills like soldering. Here are step-by-step instructions:

1. Mount the servo motor

Attach the servo motor to the inside of the enclosure using brackets and hardware. Center it horizontally as best possible.

2. Attach the laser

Glue or tape the laser pointer to the servo horn. Position it pointing straight forward.

3. Wire the electronic devices

Connect the motion sensor, servo, laser pointer, switch and battery pack with wires. Refer to device manuals for wiring instructions.

4. Install the motion sensor

Mount the motion sensor on top of the enclosure pointing outwards. Adjust sensitivity as needed.

5. Test operation

Turn on the device and test that the servo directs the laser properly when triggered by the sensor. Make adjustments as needed.

6. Mount the enclosure

Attach the enclosure near your bird feeder pointed at the area squirrels approach from. The laser should sweep across the area.

7. Use safely

Only activate your device when you are around to monitor it. Do not aim it at eyes or aircraft. Modify as needed to improve effectiveness and safety.

Tips for Deterring Squirrels

Here are some additional tips to make your laser turret more effective at keeping squirrels away:

With a simple motion-activated laser turret installed near your feeders, you can finally enjoy watching birds dine in peace without having to constantly chase away nosy squirrels! Just be sure to use and maintain the device safely.