Installing a motion-activated light in your garage is an easy and inexpensive way to improve security and convenience. With just a few affordable components and 10 minutes, you can build a DIY motion sensor garage light that turns on automatically when it detects movement.

What You'll Need

Putting together a motion-activated garage light requires just a few parts:

As long as you have those components, you have everything you need for a DIY motion-activated garage light. The total cost is around $50-75.

Step-by-Step Guide

With the right supplies, wiring up a motion-activated garage light takes just 10 minutes. Follow these steps:

1. Mount the Motion Sensor

First, choose a location to mount your motion sensor. Most sensors have a detection range of around 20-30 feet.

Use the provided screws and anchors to securely mount the motion sensor to the wall.

2. Mount the Light Fixture

Next, choose a spot on the ceiling or wall to install your light fixture.

Use the appropriate hardware to securely mount the light fixture. The light socket should now be wired and ready to go.

3. Connect the Wires

Here's how to wire the connections:

4. Set up and Test

Finally, it's time to test your newly wired motion-activated light:

That's it! With just a few standard components and 10 minutes of easy wiring, you'll have a DIY motion-activated security light for your garage. No more fumbling for light switches in the dark!

Tips for the Best Results

Here are some useful tips for getting the most out of your new motion-activated garage light:


Installing a motion detector garage light is one of the simplest DIY security projects. For around $50 and 10 minutes, you can set up a sensor light that makes it easy and safe to enter your garage at night. Just mount a motion sensor, connect it to a light fixture, and enjoy hands-free, automated light when you need it most.