Installing a motion-sensing light in your garage is an easy and inexpensive way to increase security and visibility. With just a few common tools and components, you can build and install a fully functional motion-activated light in about 1 hour.

In this article, I'll walk through the entire process step-by-step. I'll cover what you'll need, how to assemble the circuit, installation tips, and how to adjust the sensitivity. Follow along, and you'll be able to install a DIY motion-sensing garage light on your own quickly and easily.

Supplies Needed

Here are the supplies you'll need to complete this 1-hour garage lighting project:

Light Fixture

Motion Sensor



How to Assemble the Motion-Sensing Circuit

Assembling the motion-sensing circuit is quick and straightforward:

Step 1: Attach Wires to the Motion Sensor

Step 2: Connect the Light's Power Supply

Step 3: Connect the Output Wire

And that's it - the motion sensor circuit is wired and ready to be installed!

Tips for Installing the Motion-Sensing Light

Here are some tips to help the installation go smoothly:

Step 1: Turn Off Power

Safety first! Switch off the garage’s electrical circuit before doing any work.

Step 2: Mount the Sensor

Step 3: Install the Light

Step 4: Adjust and Test

And that's everything you need to install a DIY motion-detecting garage light in about an hour!

How to Adjust the Sensitivity

PIR motion sensors have a sensitivity adjustment dial that controls the detection range. Here are some tips for adjusting it properly:

Adjusting the sensitivity helps prevent false triggers while ensuring the light comes on when needed. Take the time to tune the setting for best performance.


Installing a motion-activated garage light is one of the simplest DIY electrical projects. In just an hour, you can set up a sensor circuit that will automatically turn on a light when motion is detected.

Following the steps in this guide, you'll be able to assemble the wiring, install the fixtures, and adjust the settings. The result is an affordable, energy-efficient lighting solution that adds convenience and security to your garage. And you'll save on installation costs by doing it yourself in just one hour!