Have you ever wanted to secretly record someone or something without being detected? Building your own hidden spy camera using common household items is actually pretty easy and affordable. In this guide, I'll walk you through step-by-step how to make a DIY covert camera for surveillance or security monitoring.

Gather the Needed Supplies

The great thing about crafting a clandestine camera is that you likely already have most if not all of the components on hand. Here's what you'll need:

Optional items:

Prepare the Webcam

The key component that turns basic household junk into a hidden security camera is the webcam. Almost any webcam can work - I prefer small USB ones that offer high resolution video and night vision capability.

Here's how to prep the webcam:

Craft the Hidden Camera Housing

Now that you have a working webcam that can be battery powered, it's time to hide it in an inconspicuous container. Get creative with common household items - here are some ideas:

Tissue Box

Plastic Bottle

Food Container

Mount and Position the Camera

Once your DIY spy camera housing is prepped, you need to set it up and position it to capture the desired surveillance footage discretely:

Connect and View the Video Feed

The final step is viewing your secret camera's footage. There are a couple approaches:

With some basic DIY skills, everyday household items, and this guide, you can build your own covert camera system on the cheap for stealthy recording and monitoring needs. Just make sure to use it ethically and legally!