How to Build a Simple Arduino-Based Robot That Folds Your Laundry and Learns Your Clothing Preferences


Building a robot that can fold laundry and learn clothing preferences may seem daunting, but it's quite achievable with some basic hardware, software knowledge, and persistence. In this guide, I'll walk you through the key steps I took to create my own laundry-folding robot using Arduino.

Selecting the Right Hardware

The first step is choosing the right electronic components to power your robot. Here's what I used in my build:

For the frame, I used lightweight wood and PVC pipes to construct a basic body with "arms" for the servos to attach to. The simplicity of the Arduino platform makes it easy to get the base hardware assembled even with limited robotics experience.

Coding the Laundry Folding Logic

With the hardware ready, the next major task is writing the Arduino program that will control the robot's laundry folding operations. Here are the key steps I followed:

The program logic is relatively simple, but teaching the robot to neatly fold various clothing types took a lot of trial and error. I utilized lots of print statements to help debug issues with the folding sequences.

Machine Learning for Clothing Recognition

To take the robot beyond basic clothing detection, I implemented some machine learning capabilities using the Arduino framework. This allowed the robot to learn my preferences over time.

The steps included:

After two weeks of training runs, the robot had learned my folding style for shirts, pants, socks, and more. The machine learning really took the build to the next level.


Creating an Arduino laundry folding robot was an informative machine learning and robotics project. The key steps were:

There are many opportunities to enhance the build with things like a camera for improved clothing recognition. But the simple version described here can successfully fold laundry and demonstrates how achievable these kinds of Arduino robotics projects can be. Let me know if you have any other questions!