How to Build a Simple Bluetooth Speaker for Under $10


Building your own Bluetooth speaker can be a fun and rewarding project. With just a few inexpensive parts, you can make a speaker that sounds great and can be easily paired with your phone or tablet to play your favorite music or podcasts. In this guide, I will show you how I built a simple Bluetooth speaker for less than $10.

Gathering the Necessary Parts

Building the speaker only requires a few key components:

Speaker Driver

This is the part that actually produces the sound. I chose a small 3-inch speaker driver that cost around $2. This size provides decent sound quality while remaining very affordable.

Amplifier Board

This component takes the audio signal from your phone and amplifies it to drive the speaker. I used a tiny 3W mini amplifier board that I bought for about $3.


To make the speaker portable, you need a battery to power it. I went with a small 3.7V 500mAh lithium-ion battery that cost around $2. This provides a couple hours of playback time.

Bluetooth Module

This allows you to transmit audio wirelessly from your phone to the speaker. I used a cheap Bluetooth 5.0 module that was less than $2.

Wires, Switch, Battery Holder

I also needed some basic wiring components - speaker wire, an on/off switch, and a battery holder. All these cost just a few dollars.

Constructing the Speaker

With my parts gathered, I was ready to start building. Here are the key steps I followed:

1. Solder the Amplifier and Bluetooth Module

I first soldered header pins to the amplifier and Bluetooth boards. This allowed me to easily plug them into a breadboard for testing.

2. Connect the Amplifier to the Bluetooth Module

On the breadboard, I connected the amplifier's audio in pins to the output pins on the Bluetooth module. This allows the Bluetooth signal to be sent to the amplifier.

3. Connect Power to the Amplifier and Bluetooth Module

I used the battery holder and switch to create a simple power circuit for both boards. This provided power when the switch was turned on.

4. Connect the Speaker Wires to the Amplifier

I soldered long speaker wires to the output terminals on the amplifier. I would later connect these to the speaker driver.

5. Test the Electronics

Before assembling the speaker, I tested all the electronic components by pairing my phone via Bluetooth and verifying I could hear music.

6. Mount the Speaker Driver in an Enclosure

I mounted the speaker driver in a small tin enclosure I had. I cut a hole for the driver and used hot glue to secure it.

7. Connect Speaker Wires and Assemble

I connected the amplifier output wires to the speaker terminals and assembled all the electronics in the tin enclosure. Some hot glue secured everything.

8. Enjoy the Music!

With assembly complete, I was able to pair my phone and start listening to music through my new Bluetooth speaker!

Tips for the Best Sound Quality

Here are some tips to help optimize the sound from your homemade Bluetooth speaker:


Building your own Bluetooth wireless speaker can be really rewarding, and quite easy with just a few inexpensive parts. While the sound quality may not rival premium speakers, it's still impressive for such a simple project. With the right components and some DIY spirit, you can make a speaker tailored exactly to your needs. So fire up your soldering iron and start listening to your music in style with your own hand-crafted speaker!