Building your own DIY battery charger from spare parts can be a fun and rewarding project. With just a few basic electrical components and some tinkering, you can make a functional charger on the cheap.

What You'll Need

To build a basic battery charger, you'll need the following materials:

In addition, you'll need basic soldering equipment, hot glue, and basic hand tools.

How a DIY Battery Charger Works

Here is a quick overview of how the various components work together in a DIY battery charger:

Step-by-Step Building Instructions

Follow these steps to build your own battery charger:

1. Plan the Layout

2. Mount the Components

3. Wire the Components

4. Install Controls and Finish

Charging Batteries

To use your new DIY battery charger:

With some thriftiness and ingenuity, you can build your own capable battery charger for pennies on the dollar compared to commercial versions. Plus you'll learn useful electronics skills in the process! Just be sure to follow safe wiring methods and double check your work.