How to Build a Simple DIY Electronic Project That Will Shock Your Friends

Building your own simple electronic projects can be a fun and rewarding hobby. With just a few cheap components and basic tools, you can make small devices that will impress or even shock your friends. Here's a step-by-step guide to constructing a simple shocking machine using basic electronics.

Things You'll Need

To build this simple shocking device, you'll need to gather just a few materials:

Standard electronic tools like a soldering iron, wire cutters, needle-nose pliers, and tweezers will also be needed.

Step 1: Build the 555 Timer Circuit

The 555 timer IC is configured to run in astable mode, meaning it outputs a continuous stream of pulses. These pulses are what make your muscles involuntarily contract when you touch the shocking contacts.

Follow this wiring diagram to construct the 555 timer circuit on the perf board:

Be sure to double check your wiring matches the diagram before powering on the circuit. Solder all component connections for reliability.

Step 2: Add the Transistor Stage

The output pulses from the 555 timer are not strong enough on their own to cause a shocking sensation. Adding the NPN transistor amplifies the timer pulses to an intensity that will shock.

Simply connect the collector and emitter pins of the 2N3904 transistor to the output of the 555 timer as shown in this diagram:

Transistor stage wiring

The transistor multiplies the effect of the pulses coming from the 555 significantly.

Step 3: Wrap Shocking Contacts

Cut two 4-inch sections of the 28 gauge magnet wire. Wrap one end of each wire securely around the contacts coming from the transistor stage on the perf board. Leave the other end of each wire free. These free ends act as the shocking contacts that you touch to get zapped.

To deliver a good shocking sensation, wrap the free ends of the wires a few times around your fingers. More wraps mean higher shocking intensity.

Step 4: Power It Up

Insert a fresh 9V alkaline battery into the battery holder and snap the battery clip connector onto the battery terminals. Connect the red (positive) and black (negative) wires from the battery holder to the power rails on the perf board.

Turn on the shocking device by connecting the battery. Touch the wrapped shocking contacts together briefly to test. You should feel a zapping sensation. Adjust the contact wrapping to your desired shocking intensity.

Usage Tips

When ready to shock your friends, have them connect their finger tips to the shocking contacts. For fun reactions, suggest they use both hands and keep their fingers tightly together. When everything is ready, press the contacts together yourself to deliver the pulse and watch them jump!

Start with fresh batteries and lower shock intensities for first-time users. Thicker callouses on fingers can reduce shocking effect. Apply a conductive gel to fingers to enhance the shocking sensation.


To take this simple shocking device further, you can add:

With just basic components, you can build your own safe DIY shocking machine for homemade electronics fun. Just be sure to use it responsibly on willing participants who find a good zapping entertaining.