How to Build a Simple Electronic Turntable Toy With Common Household Materials


Building a simple electronic turntable toy using common household materials can be a fun weekend project. With just a few basic components, you can make a toy that spins around playing music - perfect for entertaining kids or just having something neat on your desk at work.

In this guide, I will walk you through step-by-step how to build a miniature turntable using materials you likely already have at home.

What You Will Need

To build the turntable toy, you will need the following common household materials:

Constructing the Base

The first step is to build the base from craft sticks. This will elevate the CD turntable and provide a place to mount the motor and switch.

  1. Arrange 5-6 craft sticks into a platform shape, using hot glue to hold them together. Leave a gap in the center for the CD.

  2. Glue 4 sticks together into a square pillar. This will support the CD platform above the base.

  3. Glue the pillar into the center of the base, standing upright.

  4. Allow the glue to fully dry before moving on. The base should now have a square opening in the center, ready for the CD.

Mounting the CD Turntable

Next, we will attach the CD to the craft stick base using glue and pennies for weight.

  1. Apply a ring of hot glue around the square opening on top of the base.

  2. Press the CD down into the hot glue, label side up. The CD should sit evenly centered above the base.

  3. Use 4 pennies as weights - glue them on top of the CD at even intervals around the circle.

  4. Let the glue completely dry before continuing. The pennies will provide enough weight to keep the CD turntable spinning smoothly.

Adding the Motor

Now we can install the motor that will spin the turntable.

  1. Hot glue the motor to the underside of the base, oriented so the spinning shaft points straight up.

  2. Glue a craft stick "pointer" to the shaft - this will drive the turntable rotation.

  3. Use a rubber band around the shaft and CD edge to firmly connect the motor drive stick to the turntable. This band will provide traction while allowing some slippage.

  4. Test spin the motor to ensure the turntable rotates smoothly. Adjust as needed.

Wiring in the Switch

The on/off switch will allow control of the motor.

  1. Hot glue the toggle switch to the base in an accessible spot.

  2. Solder wires from the switch terminals to the motor contacts.

  3. Connect all battery pack wires - switch wires to one side, motor wires to the other. Use electrical tape to insulate.

  4. Test the circuit by flipping the switch. The motor should turn on and spin the turntable.

Finishing Touches

Almost done! Just add any creative touches you would like.

Once decorated, install batteries and enjoy your new musical spinning turntable toy!

Troubleshooting Issues

If your turntable toy isn't working properly, here are some troubleshooting tips:

With some tweaking, you should have your toy turntable spinning properly so you can start the music and fun!

Final Thoughts

Building an electronic turntable toy from household items makes for an entertaining DIY project. Let your creativity run wild to make a fun music player for kids or to decorate your office desk. Troubleshoot any issues that arise and enjoy the satisfaction of crafting something useful with your own hands.