How to Build a Simple LED Night Light Circuit For Your Bedroom

How to Build a Simple LED Night Light Circuit For Your Bedroom


Having a small night light in your bedroom can be very convenient and helpful. The soft glow allows you to navigate in the dark without fully turning on the bright overhead lights. A DIY LED night light circuit is an easy beginner electronics project that can be built with common components. In this article, I will walk through the steps to build a simple LED night light circuit that can provide illumination in your bedroom at night.

Gather the Required Materials

Building an LED night light circuit only requires a few basic electronic components that can be easily sourced. Here is what you will need:

Circuit Design

The LED night light circuit is very straightforward. The LEDs are arranged in parallel and powered by the batteries through the switch. Each LED has its own current limiting resistor. This basic schematic shows the layout:

With the LEDs in parallel, if any LED burns out, the rest will still work. And you can add more LEDs easily, just by adding another resistor and LED branch.

Building the Circuit

Follow these steps to assemble the circuit on the perf board:

Step 1 - Insert the Components

First, insert the resistors, battery clip, switch, and LEDs into the perf board by putting their leads through the holes. Make sure the LED orientation is correct. The longer positive leg goes to the resistor and power.

Step 2 - Solder the Joints

Next, bend the component leads to keep them in place. Start soldering the joints to make firm electrical connections. Be careful of excess heat when soldering the LEDs.

Step 3 - Connect Wires

Use the hook-up wire to make the remaining connections between points on the perf board, like from the battery clip to switch. Also extend wires for the battery pack and LEDs.

Step 4 - Add the Batteries

Snap the batteries into the battery holder. Join the holder to the perf board with double-sided tape or strong adhesive.

Step 5 - Test It Out

Turn on the switch and verify that the LEDs are illuminating properly before moving to the next steps.

Step 6 - Prepare the Enclosure

Drill holes for the switch and LEDs in the plastic case. Make cutouts for wire routing between the case and lid.

Step 7 - Install in Enclosure

Mount the completed perf board inside the enclosure. Thread the switch and LEDs into their holes. Screw the lid on securely.

Usage Tips

That completes the construction of the night light circuit. To get the most use out of your homemade LED night light, follow these usage tips:

So in summary, a simple LED night light circuit is an easy electricity project that even a beginner can build. With just basic electronic components, some DIY skills, and following the construction steps, you can create a useful night light gadget for your bedroom. The soft illumination will help guide your way in the dark!