How to Build a Tiny Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker for Under $10


Building your own solar-powered Bluetooth speaker can be a fun and inexpensive DIY project. In this guide, I will walk you through each step of constructing a tiny speaker that runs on sunlight and connects wirelessly to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. With a few simple components, you can build this speaker yourself for under $10.

Gathering the Components

To build the solar-powered Bluetooth speaker, you will need the following components:

The total cost for these parts purchased online is typically under $10. I will provide links to sample components in the steps below.

Assembling the Bluetooth Module

The first step is to assemble the Bluetooth audio module so it is ready to install in the speaker enclosure. Here are the steps:

  1. Solder wires to the power, ground, positive speaker, and negative speaker pins on the module. Use different colored wires for easy identification.

  2. Connect an on/off switch in between the positive power wire if desired. This allows you to turn the speaker on and off.

  3. Test the Bluetooth module by connecting it to a phone or tablet via Bluetooth. Play audio to verify it works before assembling the rest.

Connecting the Solar Panel and Battery

Next, we need to connect the solar panel to charge the rechargeable lithium battery that will power the speaker:

  1. Solder the positive and negative wires from the solar panel to the battery's charging terminals.

  2. Solder another pair of wires to the battery's power terminals. These will connect to the Bluetooth module.

  3. Ensure the solar panel is outputting between 3-5V to properly charge the battery.

  4. Place the panel in sunlight and allow the battery to fully charge before connecting it to the Bluetooth module.

Assembling the Speaker Enclosure

Now we can assemble all the components into a speaker enclosure:

  1. Place the Bluetooth module, battery, and solar panel wires inside the plastic enclosure.

  2. Drill small holes for feeding the wire connections through the enclosure and mount the solar panel on the outside.

  3. Use glue or adhesive to secure the components in place inside.

  4. Connect the battery output wires to the power input on the Bluetooth module.

  5. Seal the enclosure while ensuring the on/off switch and solar panel are accessible.

  6. When placed in sunlight, the solar panel will charge the battery which powers the Bluetooth speaker inside.

And that's it! Now you have a portable solar-powered Bluetooth speaker that cost less than $10 to build. The speaker can be brought anywhere outdoors and will play music wirelessly from your phone as long as it's charged by the sun. Enjoy your new DIY solar speaker!

Troubleshooting Issues

Here are some common troubleshooting tips if your solar Bluetooth speaker is not functioning properly:

With some simple troubleshooting, you should be able to get your solar Bluetooth speaker working again. Check each component and connection systematically.

Final Thoughts

Building your own Bluetooth speaker powered by the sun can be an enjoyable and fulfilling electronics project. It allows you to create a portable speaker on a budget, while learning about solar power, amplifiers, and Bluetooth audio along the way.

With just a few common components, you can assemble the speaker in an afternoon. Finding creative enclosures adds another level of fun and customization too. And being able to take it anywhere outdoors and stream music wirelessly makes this gadget the perfect companion for hiking, the beach, camping trips and more.

So give this inexpensive solar DIY project a try and see where your creativity takes you! The possibilities for experimentation and enhancements are endless.