In this article, I will provide a step-by-step guide on how to build an Arduino based robot that can autonomously navigate to your fridge, grab a beer, and deliver it to you. This is an entertaining robotics project that will allow you to flex your DIY muscles and impress your friends.

Parts Needed

To build this beer delivery bot, you will need:


With all the parts gathered, it's time to assemble the robot. Here are the key steps:

Coding the Arduino

The Arduino code controls all the robot's functions. The key aspects are:

I recommend starting with basic motor control and sensor code, then expanding the program from there. Using Arduino example code snippets can help accelerate the process.


With the build complete and code uploaded, here are the steps to autonomously grab and deliver a beer:

Closing Thoughts

Constructing an Arduino based beer delivery robot is a fun mechatronics and programming project. The end result is a great conversation piece that satisfies thirst! With the outline and guidance provided, you should have the foundation to start building your own autonomous barback. Just be sure to drink responsibly!