How to Build the Perfect Manure Shed for Your Backyard Composting Needs

How to Build the Perfect Manure Shed for Your Backyard Composting Needs

Having a designated manure shed in your backyard can make composting much easier and more efficient. Here's how to build the perfect manure shed that meets your composting needs:

Choosing a Location

The first step is picking the right location for your manure shed. Here are some factors to consider:

Once you've identified the perfect spot, mark it off and prepare the ground by removing any grass or weeds.

Size and Layout

Figure out the size shed you need based on your composting volume. Bigger is better to allow sufficient aeration and access. A 10x12 or 12x16 shed is ideal for most backyard composters.

As for layout:

Constructing the Shed

Now it's time to build. Here are some tips:

Take your time constructing a sturdy shed that will hold up for years to come.


Proper ventilation is critical for effective composting. Here are some tips:

Adequate ventilation provides the oxygen needed for aerobic decomposition. Monitor conditions and make adjustments as needed.

Accessories and Tools

Having the right gear on hand makes manure management much easier:

Organize tools on shelving units and hooks to keep them neat and accessible.

Safety Tips

Proper precautions are necessary when working around manures:

Stay vigilant and use common sense when managing manures. Your safety is paramount.


Regular maintenance keeps your manure shed composting smoothly:

Like any equipment, proper care and upkeep is essential for best performance.

Troubleshooting Issues

Despite best efforts, composting problems sometime arise:

Don't hesitate to adjust practices if issues emerge. A well-managed shed should produce quality compost with minimal headaches.


Constructing the perfect backyard manure shed takes planning, time and labor. But the payoff is home-produced compost and an efficient system for recycling organic waste. Locate it in a convenient spot with ample ventilation. Outfit the interior to easily manage piles at various stages. Keep safety top of mind. And perform regular maintenance to avoid problems. With a well-built and organized shed, you'll be mastering manure management and making compost in no time!