How to Build Your Own Small Scale Wind Turbine at Home

How to Build Your Own Small Scale Wind Turbine at Home


Building your own small scale wind turbine at home can be an extremely rewarding project. Not only can it help reduce your electricity bills, it also allows you to take part in renewable energy generation.

In this comprehensive guide, I will walk through all the steps required to build a fully functioning wind turbine from parts sourced locally. I will cover aspects like turbine sizing, sourcing components, tower construction, as well as maintenance and safety considerations.

Follow along as I detail my journey building a 500 watt turbine capable of providing supplemental power for a small household. With some care and patience, you can build an efficient and cost-effective renewable energy solution.

Determining Power Requirements and Turbine Size

The first step is determining the appropriate size for your wind turbine based on your energy needs. Below are some key factors to consider:

With these key factors in mind, I determined a 500 watt turbine on a 50 foot tower would suit my needs and resources well. This would provide supplemental power for my household's usage.

Sourcing Turbine Components

The next crucial task is finding the right components for your wind turbine build. Here are the main parts I sourced for my 500 watt system:

I was able to source these components online and from local shops for under $1,000 total. Shopping around is key to getting good deals on quality turbine parts. Don't compromise on the generator, inverter and batteries as those are vital for harvesting power efficiently.

Constructing the Turbine Tower

Now that I had all the components, it was time to build the turbine tower. For my 50 foot tower, I constructed a guyed lattice design using metal tubing.

The end result is a robust tower design optimized for my small wind turbine that can handle winds exceeding 100 mph. Having a solid foundation and proper guying is critical for keeping your turbine secure.

Mounting and Wiring the Turbine System

With the tower complete, it was time for the exciting part - mounting and wiring the turbine system!

With everything wired up successfully, it was time to test my hand-built wind turbine! I was thrilled when the blades started spinning steadily in response to wind.

Operation, Maintenance and Safety Tips

To keep your turbine running safely and efficiently for years, proper operation and maintenance is crucial:

With proper care and maintenance, a home built wind turbine can provide clean, renewable energy for decades. While requiring patience and effort, the return on investment from reduced electricity expenses makes small scale wind a very rewarding DIY renewable energy project.


Building my own 500 watt wind turbine has been an invaluable learning experience. While requiring careful planning and effort, the process was very manageable with the right research and components. I am thrilled to now have a functioning renewable energy system providing supplemental power for my home.

I highly recommend small scale wind projects to any homeowners with sufficient wind resources looking to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint. The ability to build it yourself using local components makes wind energy affordable and accessible. With this comprehensive guide, you now have all the knowledge needed to harvest clean wind power on your own property!