How to Bury Wires in Concrete


Burying wires in concrete is a common task when running electrical wiring in new construction or renovation projects. Properly embedding wires in concrete ensures the wiring is protected and hidden from view. However, careful planning and execution is required to avoid safety hazards and code violations. This comprehensive guide will walk through all the key steps and considerations when burying wires in concrete.

Safety Precautions

When working with electricity, it's critically important to take proper safety precautions. Here are some key guidelines:

Choosing Appropriate Wiring

The type of wiring used for burying in concrete must be rated for wet locations and meet electrical code requirements:

The wiring should be clearly marked as approved for wet locations and direct burial. Choose the minimum size required for the electrical load to avoid de-rating issues when buried in concrete.

Digging the Trench

Burying wiring in concrete starts with digging a trench to lay the conductors:

Avoid digging trenches too far in advance of wiring installation to prevent erosion issues or accidental cave-ins. Inspect the trench bottom for sharp rocks and protrusions before laying any wiring.

Installing the Wiring

The wiring should be properly positioned in the trench before pouring concrete:

Avoid placing too many wires close together or kinking cables at tight corners. Plan wiring runs carefully before installation to prevent problems.

Pouring and Finishing the Concrete

With wiring installed properly in the trench, the process of pouring and finishing the concrete slab can begin:

Take care throughout the concrete installation process to keep wiring fully protected. Repair any cracks or damage that occur above buried wires before completing the electrical system.

Common Code Requirements

It is crucial to follow local electrical codes and standards when burying wiring in concrete. Some key requirements include:

Consult your local building department for specific codes covering electrical systems encased in concrete. Planning your project carefully to meet the requirements avoids issues down the road.


Burying wires safely in concrete involves careful planning, proper materials selection, and code-compliant installation steps. But when done correctly, this wiring method provides a hidden infrastructure solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Following the guidelines in this article will lead to success on your next project involving electrical wiring encased in concrete.