How to Create Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting With PEX Tubing

Low-voltage landscape lighting can add beauty and elegance to your outdoor spaces after dark. Using flexible PEX tubing makes installing low-voltage lighting an easy do-it-yourself project. With some planning and basic materials, you can create a customized landscape lighting system to highlight trees, pathways, and architectural features in your yard.

Selecting the Lighting Fixtures

When working with low-voltage lighting, the fixtures typically run on 12V power. This makes them safe to install outdoors, even in damp conditions. There are numerous fixture styles to choose from:

Consider factors like fixture brightness, spread of light, and finish to find options that suit your needs. Outdoor-rated LED bulbs are the most durable and energy-efficient choice.

Planning the Layout

Carefully plan where to place the lighting fixtures for the best effects. Here are some tips:

Using PEX Tubing for Wiring

PEX, or crosslinked polyethylene tubing, makes installing low-voltage landscape wiring much simpler than burying individual wires.

Benefits of PEX tubing

How to work with PEX

Electrical Requirements

Low-voltage lighting systems have three basic electrical components:

Calculating electrical load

Add up the wattage of all fixtures to determine the total wattage needed from the transformer. Generally, allow 20-30% extra capacity. Also consider:

Safely connecting components

Installing the PEX Tubing

Once the lighting plan is complete, it's time to start the installation:


Dig trenches about 6-12 inches deep along the planned PEX tubing routes using a shovel or trencher.

Laying the tubing

Running the wire

Finishing up

Proper planning is crucial for a successful and attractive low-voltage landscape lighting system. Take time to carefully design the lighting layout and select the perfect fixtures before beginning the installation using PEX tubing. With some patience and attention to detail, you can create beautiful and functional outdoor lighting to enjoy for years to come. Let your imagination and creativity shine!