How to Cut Costs on Commercial Lighting Upgrades

Upgrading your commercial lighting can significantly reduce your energy costs. However, lighting upgrades can also be expensive. Here's how to cut costs when upgrading your business's lighting.

Conduct an Audit of Your Existing Lighting

The first step is to audit your existing lighting to identify areas for improvement.

Conducting a thorough audit provides the information needed to plan your lighting upgrades effectively.

Consider Your Lighting Needs

Your business likely has diverse lighting needs depending on the space. When planning upgrades, tailor the lighting to the specific uses.



Retail Stores

Matching lighting types to your needs avoids spending on excessive or unsuitable lighting.

Take Advantage of Utility Rebates

Many electric utilities offer rebates to incentivize efficient lighting upgrades. These can cover 25-75% of upgrade costs.

Rebates can make a big dent in your upgrade expenses. Be sure to take full advantage of them.

Buy LED Fixtures in Bulk

Purchasing LED fixtures in bulk can lead to significantly lower per-unit costs.

Buying in bulk allows you to maximize savings on the expensive LED fixtures.

Use Controls to Reduce Operating Hours

Installing lighting controls reduces operating hours, saving energy and money.

Controls add some cost but deliver excellent returns on investment through energy savings.

Consider Staged Upgrades

If budgets are tight, take a phased approach upgrading different areas over time.

Staged upgrades allow you to reap savings benefits now while spreading out costs over time.

Leverage Contractors as Partners

Consulting lighting contractors can help identify and justify cost-effective upgrades.

The right contractor makes the process smooth and maximizes your long-term savings.

With smart planning and strategic partnerships, you can cut costs on commercial lighting upgrades. The reduced energy expenses will pay back your investment many times over.