How to Fix a Broken LCD Screen on Your Smartphone Using Household Items

Fixing a broken LCD screen on your smartphone can seem daunting, but with a few common household items, I was able to get my phone working again. Here is how I fixed my broken LCD screen using things I had around the house.

Assess the Damage

The first thing I did was assess the damage to my phone's screen. I looked closely at the screen and determined a few key things:

This told me I needed to replace the LCD and digitizer to get my phone working normally again. The phone hardware itself was okay.

Gather the Required Materials

To replace an LCD screen, you will need a few key materials:

I was able to source all of these materials from my own tool supplies and the local hardware store for under $30 total.

Disassemble the Phone

With my replacement LCD and supplies gathered, it was time to disassemble the phone and remove the broken screen. This is the most delicate part of the process. I followed online repair guides closely and took it very slowly. The key steps I took were:

I took pictures of cable connections and component locations to help reassemble later. Overall, have patience and do not force anything during disassembly.

Install the New Screen

With the original screen fully removed, I could install the new replacement LCD. Key steps here included:

Test and Use the Repaired Phone

With the new screen installed, the final step was testing out the repaired phone:

Once fully tested, my phone was successfully repaired and I could use it again! While challenging, fixing a broken screen is very doable with common tools and patience. With the right replacement part, I was able to give my phone new life and save money over buying a new device.