How to Fix a Broken Phone Screen with Household Items

Having a phone with a cracked or broken screen can be very frustrating. While professional screen repairs can be expensive, there are ways to temporarily fix a broken screen using common household items. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to patch up a cracked phone screen using things you likely already have at home.

Assess the Damage

The first step is to inspect the phone and determine the extent of the damage:

Take note of where the main cracks and damage are located. This will help determine the best DIY solution.

Prepare the Phone

Before attempting any repair, you'll want to get the phone ready:

Now the phone is prepped and ready for an improvised screen patch.

Use Clear Tape as a Quick Fix

For phones with minor cracks or chips along the edge, clear tape can act as a suitable temporary solution. Simply apply a strip of sturdy clear tape directly over the cracked area:

This helps hold any cracked glass in place and prevents further damage. But it can still look unsightly. Keep reading for a more seamless DIY fix.

Apply Clear Nail Polish for a Polished Look

For a quick glass repair that looks neat and polished, use clear nail polish:

The dried nail polish acts as an improvised glass replacement. It fills in cracks and provides structure. This works best for minor chips and fractures.

Pro Tip: Use a toothpick to guide small amounts of polish into tiny cracks or crevices in the glass.

Use UV Glue for a Strong Adhesive Repair

For the best DIY screen repair, UV-curing glue bonds glass together very effectively.

This creates an optimal fix that looks and feels smooth. It won't lift or peel off like nail polish or tape might. The glue fills in and fixes cracks well.

Note: Don't use super glue - it will likely damage/fog the screen.

Consider Temporary Screen Replacements

If the LCD panel itself is cracked or damaged, you can buy affordable temporary screen replacements online.

These cover up flawed screens and restore full functionality temporarily while avoiding high replacement costs. Watch tutorial videos to properly install them.

When to Seek Repair Shop Help

While DIY fixes work for stable cracks, go to a professional if:

Phone repair shops can fully replace broken glass or LCD screens and salvage devices that are beyond DIY fixes.


With some simple household materials and a steady hand, you can temporarily repair cracked or broken phone screens as a budget solution. Clear tape, nail polish, and UV glue can patch up stable cracks and fractures nicely. Or look into replacement screen overlays for more significant damage. But be sure to seek professional help for screens that are completely shattered or have internal display damage. With the right approach, you can fix up a broken screen without expensive replacement costs.