How to Fix a Broken Phone Screen with Things You Have at Home

Having a cracked or broken phone screen can be very frustrating. While professional screen repairs can be expensive, there are some DIY methods you can try at home to fix your phone screen using common household items. Here is a step-by-step guide on how I fixed my broken phone screen with things I had at home.

Assess the Damage

The first thing I did was assess the damage to my phone screen. This helped me determine how complex the repair would be.

This assessment helped me understand whether I could do a temporary DIY fix or if I needed professional repair.

Gather the Materials

Based on my damage assessment, I gathered some basic household items to fix my cracked screen:

Clean the Screen

Before doing any repair work, I cleaned the phone screen thoroughly:

Thorough cleaning helps the tape/toothpaste bond properly and prevents dust from getting trapped under the cracks.

Apply Tape as First Aid

For cracks that weren't too severe, I was able to temporarily fix it using tape:

The tape provided a quick first-aid fix and allowed me to continue using the cracked screen.

Use Toothpaste as Filler

For hairline cracks and fractures, toothpaste acted as an effective filler:

The toothpaste filled up the cracks nicely and minimized their visibility.

Apply a Screen Protector

As an additional protective layer, I installed a screen protector:

The screen protector allowed me to safely use my phone again with minimal risk of the repaired cracks worsening.

Test Phone Functionality

Once the repair was complete, I tested the phone thoroughly:

This functionality test is important to confirm everything is working before regular use.

Repeat Repairs if Needed

In some cases, the cracks may reopen or worsen again. If that happens:

Don't get discouraged if you need multiple repairs. With some trial and error, the techniques work.

In summary, these DIY methods allowed me to fix my cracked phone screen using basic household items. While it may not be a perfect professional-grade repair, it was a quick and effective temporary solution. I was able to successfully use my phone again without spending a lot of money on a screen replacement.