How to Fix the 3 Most Common Home Electrical Problems on Your Own

I know that dealing with electrical issues around the house can seem daunting. However, there are a few common electrical problems that you can often fix yourself without calling an electrician. With some basic tools and safety precautions, you can troubleshoot and repair many basic electrical issues in your home.

1. Fixing a Tripped Breaker

The most common electrical issue is a tripped circuit breaker. When a circuit breaker trips, it's usually because of an overload on the circuit. Here's how to fix a tripped breaker:

Resetting the breaker often resolves the issue. If the breaker continues to trip, there is still an overload or short that needs to be addressed.

2. Fixing a Faulty Outlet

Outlets can stop working for a few different reasons:

Try the following to fix a faulty outlet:

Checking connections and replacing damaged outlets are often all that's needed to restore power.

3. Fixing Flickering Lights

Lights that flicker are usually indicative of a loose connection. Here's how to troubleshoot flickering lights:

If flickering persists after checking bulbs, connections and components, there may be an issue with the home's wiring which would require an electrician. Start by troubleshooting the basics yourself before calling a professional.

In Summary

Many basic electrical issues like tripped breakers, faulty outlets and flickering lights can be addressed yourself. Work safely by shutting off power when inspecting or replacing components. When in doubt, consult an electrician. With diligence and proper safety precautions, you can troubleshoot many electrical problems without the expense of a service call.