As a homeowner, I occasionally need to deal with electrical issues behind my walls. While major problems like faulty wiring should always be handled by a professional electrician, there are some common, minor issues I can fix myself with a little knowledge. In this article, I'll share the most frequent (but little-known) electrical problem I encounter in my walls, along with a step-by-step guide to diagnosing and repairing it safely.

What Causes the Electrical Issue?

The most common issue I face is loose wire connections causing power to flicker or go out entirely in parts of my home. This happens when the wires connecting to outlets, switches or light fixtures come loose over time due to heat expansion and contraction. The faulty connection leads to:

While loose wires are common, it's not always obvious they're the culprits as issues can appear randomly. Only a close inspection reveals the real problem.

How to Pinpoint the Location

When I face power issues in my home, I take a systematic approach to locate the source:

Through this systematic process, I can zone in on the probable location of the loose connection causing trouble.

How to Repair the Faulty Connection

Once I've tracked down the loose wire, it's a simple fix to get things working again. Here are the repair steps I follow:

Materials Needed


  1. Unscrew the loose wire from the terminal.
  2. Strip off any corroded wire insulation using the wire strippers. Expose 3⁄4 inch of shiny copper wire.
  3. Twist wires tightly together with pliers to integrate strands.
  4. Re-install wire on the terminal, screwing tightly to bind it snugly.
  5. Secure the connection by twisting a wire nut over it.
  6. Wrap electrical tape around wire nut and terminal for insulation.

And that's it! Tightening and resecuring the faulty connection resolves flickering/power issues and also eliminates any fire risk from loose wires.

Key Tips

When to Call an Electrician

While the repair process is straightforward, there are certain situations where I involve a licensed electrician:


Loose connections are the most frequent cause of flickering lights and power issues inside walls. But with a systematic approach, homeowners can locate and repair many of these minor faults themselves. Focus on visually tracing wires, tightening loose terminals and properly insulating connections. For more complex electrical problems, don't hesitate to call a licensed electrician. With the right knowledge and safety precautions, you can tackle this common issue on your own and keep your home's electricity running smoothly.