How to Get Around Updated NEC Codes for Industrial Lighting

The National Electrical Code (NEC) sets the standards for safe electrical installations across the United States. As an industrial facility manager, staying up to date with the latest NEC codes for lighting can feel like a moving target. However, there are ways to get your facility into compliance without starting over from scratch. Here is an in-depth guide on how to get around updated NEC codes for industrial lighting.

Understanding the Code Changes

The first step is understanding exactly what has changed in the latest NEC industrial lighting codes. Major updates include:

Height Requirements

Spacing and Layout

Light Levels

Performing Code-Compliant Retrofits

When upgrading older industrial lighting systems, you can avoid a complete overhaul by taking a strategic approach:

1. Evaluate the Existing Layout

2. Install New Code-Compliant Fixtures

3. Adjust and Redistribute As Needed

4. Have Updated Lighting Layout Certified

The Importance of Staying Up to Date

While updating industrial lighting to meet new NEC codes can be disruptive, it is extremely important for safety and efficiency. Here are some key reasons to stay compliant:

Final Thoughts

Adapting older industrial lighting systems to meet new NEC codes can require planning and investment. However, the long-term benefits for your facility and workforce make it well worthwhile. By taking a strategic approach and utilizing code-compliant retrofit techniques, industrial managers can achieve compliance without starting from zero. Keeping up with evolving NEC industrial lighting standards ensures optimal safety, visibility, and energy efficiency.