Getting brighter lights and more power in your home doesn't require rewiring or expensive electrical work. There are many simple and affordable ways to increase light and add outlets to make your house brighter, more convenient, and more functional.

Evaluate Your Current Lighting Situation

The first step is to assess the existing lighting in each room. Make notes on where you would like more illumination or brighter bulbs.

Focus on the rooms you use most like the kitchen, home office, bedroom, and living areas. Brighter lights in high traffic spaces will make the biggest impact.

Upgrade Your Light Bulbs

One of the easiest ways to get brighter light is to upgrade your light bulbs.

I upgraded all the ceiling fixtures in my home office from 60W to 100W equivalent LED bulbs. The room is noticeably brighter, especially in the corners, making work easier on my eyes.

Add More Light Fixtures

Another way to brighten up a room is to install additional light fixtures. Consider adding:

I installed 4 slim LED recessed lights in my living room evenly spaced to remove any dark spots. The room is now bright enough for reading at night.

Improve Existing Fixtures

You can also modify existing fixtures to increase their light output:

I removed the glass lampshades in my dining room, cleaned the fixtures, and installed higher wattage LED candelabra bulbs. Without the tinted shades blocking light, the table area is much brighter.

Use Mirrors and Light Paint Color

Strategically placed mirrors and light paint colors can also help brighten a room by maximizing ambient light.

I painted my north facing living room Sherwin Williams Creamy and hung a large mirror above the fireplace mantle. These simple changes make the space feel airy and bright even on cloudy days.

Increase Outlets and Charging Ports

To add more power sources in your home, there are several easy options that don't require rewiring:

I added a 6-outlet power strip under my office desk, USB chargers in my bedroom, and wireless chargers in my living room. Now I can charge and power everything I need without a lack of outlets.

The key is evaluating where you need more light or power and selecting the best options whether installing new fixtures, upgrading bulbs, or integrating chargers and power strips. With a bit of planning, you can get brighter, more functional lighting in every room without the need for rewiring or electricians.