How to Get Rid of Annoying Outdoor Wires Ruining Your Curb Appeal

Understand the Types of Outdoor Wires

Outdoor wires come in many forms, but the most common types are:

Evaluate the Severity of the Problem

Before taking action, determine how much of an eyesore the wires really are:

The more severe the issues, the more value you'll get from addressing them. Prioritize fixing hazards and extreme eyesores first.

Short-Term Solutions to Improve Appearance

While you weigh long-term options, some easy DIY improvements can provide a quick curb appeal boost:

These are lower cost, finer point solutions. For the most dramatic improvements, consider the following long-term options:

Bury Utility Lines for a Wire-Free Look

The gold standard is to bury overhead power, cable, and phone lines underground:

Underground utilities keep wires hidden and mitigate risks associated with storms, falling trees, animals, wear and tear, and ice/wind damage to poles and lines. The payoff is worthwhile for many homeowners despite the considerable initial investment.

Relocate Antennas and Satellite Dishes

Even if power and cable wires are buried, misplaced antennae and satellite dishes can detract from the property:

Keeping these wired services hidden goes a long way in showcasing a clean, wireless exterior appearance.

Use Wireless Alternatives to Reduce New Wiring

As you upgrade your home's technology and outdoor amenities, opt for wireless alternatives to avoid new exposed wires:

Anytime wiring is needed, run it through existing hidden pathways like garden beds, beneath gravel or pavers, under deck boards, or behind rain gutters. Planning ahead keeps new wires out of sight.

With some elbow grease and strategic planning, you can tame the exterior wires cluttering up your home's landscape. A wire-free facade clearly signals a well-maintained and purposely designed property.