Transforming your standard wired doorbell into a booming speaker for playing music is an appealing DIY electronics project. With just a few basic components and some simple circuitry knowledge, you can repurpose the doorbell without damaging it.

The key is tapping into the doorbell's built-in electromagnetic chimes. These chimes can be connected to an auxiliary input to convert the doorbell into a speaker. With the right wiring, you can plug in any audio source like a phone, MP3 player or computer to broadcast custom sounds through the doorbell.

Overview of Doorbell Speaker Project

Here's an overview of what's involved in hacking your doorbell into a rave speaker:

Safety Precautions

Working with electronic devices poses some risks. Follow these precautions when hacking your doorbell:

Proper planning and safety measures will help ensure you don't damage the doorbell or hurt yourself while transforming it into a speaker.

Essential Electronic Components

Only a handful of basic electronic parts are needed to override the doorbell chimes. Here are the core components:

Having the right tools and components on hand will make construction of the auxiliary circuit much easier.

Step-by-Step Circuit Assembly Guide

With the parts gathered, you're ready to start building the circuit to hack the doorbell. Follow these step-by-step instructions:

1. Disconnect and disassemble doorbell

First, turn off power to the doorbell at the breaker. Remove the doorbell unit from the wall and carefully take apart its housing to access the internal circuit board. Locate the two terminal screws or solder points connecting to the electromagnetic chime unit.

2. Prepare amplifier board

Take the amplifier chip breakout board and solder or screw wires to the input terminals and output terminals. Connect 9-12V power wires to the power and ground pins. Run an additional wire from the amplifier output to your auxiliary jack.

3. Wire amplifier to doorbell

Attach the amplifier input wires to the doorbell's chime terminals you located earlier. This allows audio signals to reach the chime. Join the amplifier power wires to your 9V battery pack or power adapter.

4. Mount amplifier circuit

Place the finished amplifier circuit along with the power source into a protective enclosure. Drill a hole for the auxiliary jack to fit through and secure the enclosure inside the doorbell housing.

5. Test speaker setup

Reassemble the doorbell and restore power. Plug an audio source like your phone into the auxiliary jack. Play test music and adjust volume as needed to verify your doorbell speaker hack was successful!

With this wiring completed, you now have a doorbell that doubles as an external speaker. Just plug in any audio device and start blasting custom sounds when visitors arrive.

Usage Tips

Here are some ideas to maximize your new doorbell rave speaker:

With a bit of creativity, you can customize the doorbell speaker into the ultimate musical alert system for your home.


Hacking your old wired doorbell to become a rave speaker takes just a handful of affordable electronic components and some DIY spirit. By wiring an amplifier chip into the existing electromagnetic chime system, you can override it with any custom sounds you want. As long as you take appropriate safety precautions, this simple circuit project allows you to fill your home with music whenever the doorbell rings.