I've always loved the look and sound of old radios, but the reality is that most of them don't pick up many stations these days. However, with just a few cheap parts, I discovered how to hack an old radio and turn it into a great sounding Bluetooth speaker! This project cost me less than $5 and now I have a conversation piece that also connects wirelessly to my phone.

What You'll Need

Disassembling the Radio

The first step is to open up the radio and remove all the unnecessary internals, leaving just the speaker and power supply.

Now you should be left with a empty radio case, power supply and bare speaker.

Installing the Bluetooth Receiver

The Bluetooth receiver needs to be powered and connected to the speaker.

Completing the Housing

Now you just need to tidy up the look.

That's it! For just a few dollars you now have a vintage looking Bluetooth speaker. Not only does it look cool, but the radio's speakers give it a warmer, fuller sound than typical Bluetooth speakers. Just be careful not to blow it out by cranking up the volume too much. Let me know if you try this hack on an old radio!