How to Heat Your Home With Manure

Heating your home with manure is an environmentally friendly and cost effective way to stay warm. Manure contains a lot of organic matter that can be burned as fuel. With some planning and preparation, you can successfully heat your house using manure.

Gathering Manure for Fuel

The first step is gathering a sufficient amount of manure to burn over the winter. Here are some tips:

Building a Manure Burning Stove

You will need some type of manure burning stove or furnace to contain the fire and distribute the heat effectively. Here are a few options:

Make sure the unit is properly vented and meets all codes for your region. Work with an experienced mason for construction.

Preparing and Loading the Manure

For best results, the manure must be dry and broken into smaller pieces:

When loading the stove, fill the firebox loosely without packing it down. Leave some air gaps for better airflow.

Lighting and Tending the Fire

Lighting a manure fire takes a bit of practice. Start with these steps:

Like other solid fuels, manure fires needs tending regularly:

It takes practice, but once mastered, a manure fueled furnace can effectively heat a home. With a bit of work, this renewable fuel source can keep you warm all winter long.