How to Hide Messy Wires in Your Home

Wires and cables sticking out from TVs, computers, lamps, and other electronics can make your home look cluttered and messy. Fortunately, there are many clever ways to hide wires so your space looks neat and tidy. In this comprehensive guide, I will share everything you need to know to conceal wires in every room of your home.

Why Hide Wires?

Before jumping into solutions, let's first discuss why hiding wires matters in home decor:

In summary, concealing wires not only makes your home look better but also safer and more organized. It's an easy but high-impact way to upgrade any room's style.

Tips for Hiding Wires

Before I get into solutions for each room, here are some general tips and guidelines for hiding wires:

Keeping these basic strategies in mind will ensure you hide wires both effectively and aesthetically.

Hiding Wires in the Living Room

The living room or family room likely has the most electronic devices and cables. Here are ways to tame the wire clutter in this busy space:

TV and Media Consoles

Wall-Mounted TVs

Floor Lamps, Speakers

Entry Points

In general, fully concealing wires behind furniture, through walls and under floors takes the most work but yields the cleanest results. Cable covers neatly contain loose wires.

Eliminating Computer and Office Wires

Desktop computers, printers, phones, and other electronics make offices and dens a wire jungle. Use these suggestions to go cordless:

For hubs like computer desks, prioritizing wireless accessories first, then neatly guiding and securing wires is key for organization.

Managing Cables in the Kitchen

Kitchens now house many appliances and tech gadgets that require wires. Keep countertops clear by hiding wires using these techniques:

Countertop Appliances

Wall-Mounted Devices


Strategic outlet placement and containment of excess length hides appliance wires in kitchens.

Managing Bedroom and Bathroom Wires

Bedrooms and baths with devices like lamps, phones, and speakers require these solutions:




The key for bed and bath areas is neatly guiding wires down edges and consolidating excess wire out of sight.

Final Tips for Managing Wires

Hiding all the wires in your home takes strategy and effort. Here are a few final tips:

With some diligence, you can keep wires in any room concealed for a clean, professional look. Just stay on top of cord management and embrace wireless technology whenever possible. What areas are wire hotspots in your home? Consider the solutions above tailored to your unique space.