How to Hide Unsightly Electrical Wires in Your Home

How to Hide Unsightly Electrical Wires in Your Home

Hiding electrical wires in your home can seem daunting, but with some planning and DIY skills, you can conceal those unsightly wires for a cleaner look. Here are some tips for hiding wires in your home:

Assess Your Electrical Wiring Situation

Before taking any action, you'll want to thoroughly evaluate your home's electrical wiring situation.

Clean Up and Organize Existing Wires

Before concealing wires, it's a good idea to tidy them up. Here are some tips:

Choose Unobtrusive Pathways for Hiding Wires

When routing wires to hide them, utilize the following subtle pathways:

Avoid running wires across high-traffic areas of open floor space.

Conceal Wires with Paint and Wall Art

Some simple ways to hide wires on walls:

Use Decorative Wire Covers

Plastic wire covers are inexpensive and widely available:

Make sure to get covers that are large enough for your cords. Also check that they meet safety codes.

Hide Wires Under Flooring

For a more permanent solution, wires can be embedded under flooring:

Professional help is recommended for routing electrical under flooring to avoid fire hazards.

Use Furniture Designed for Cord Concealment

To further eliminate wire clutter, choose furnishings built for hidden cords:

This integrated approach keeps wires out of sight for a clean look.

With a little effort, forethought and some creative concealment techniques, you can banish messy wires from sight in any room of the house. Just be sure to take safety precautions when hiding electrical wiring. The cleaner look will be worth it!