How to Hide Unsightly Wires and Cables in Your Home

How to Hide Unsightly Wires and Cables in Your Home

Having wires and cables exposed in your home can make it look cluttered and messy. Here are some tips for hiding those unsightly wires and cables to create a cleaner looking space.

Evaluate Where the Wires Are Located

Walk around each room and take note of where you have visible wires and cables. Common problem areas include:

Choose the Right Method to Hide the Wires

There are a variety of methods you can use to conceal wires and cables in your home:

Use Cable Management Boxes and Trays

Cable management boxes are plastic containers that neatly store wires and power strips inside. They have slots in the top or bottom to thread cables through. Cable trays are long narrow tubes or channels that let you run cables through them. Use these to contain the wires around desks, entertainment centers, and other large surface areas.

Route Cables Through Walls

For a really clean look, drill holes in walls, baseboards or floors and route cables through them. This gets wires completely out of sight but is more work. Use cable conduit sleeves or flexible tubing to protect the wires when routing them through openings.

Hide Cables Under Furniture

Lift furniture like sofas, beds and tables to run wires underneath and along the underside attached with clips. Place furniture or rugs over floor-based wires to conceal them.

Use Cable Hiders and Concealers

Adhesive-backed cable hiders blend into surfaces like walls and floors to cover wires. Cable concealers are long covers that enclose wires and attach to surfaces. Both can be painted to match your walls for camouflaging.

Tie Up Cables Neatly

For temporary wire control, use velcro straps or twist ties to neatly bundle together loose cables behind furniture or under desks and tables. Coil up excess cable length so it's not trailing on the floor.

Install Cable Runs Under Carpets

You can have an electrician install plastic tubing under carpets through which wires can be threaded to locations like TVs. The carpet hides the tubing for a seamless look.

Conceal Power Strips and Wall Warts

Power strips and wall wart adapters can clutter your spaces. Here are some ways to keep them out of sight:

Maintain Organization

Once you've implemented your wire hiding solutions, a little ongoing organization helps keep things neat:

Hiding wires in your home just takes some planning and a few inexpensive products. The results are well worth it for a home that looks clean, organized and professionally styled. Experiment with different techniques to find the solutions that work best in each area.