How to Hide Unsightly Wires in Your Home

How to Hide Unsightly Wires in Your Home

Having wires and cables snaking around your home can make even the most beautifully designed room look cluttered and messy. Here are some tips on how to hide those unsightly wires and cables:

Evaluate Where the Wires Originate From

Before figuring out how to hide the wires, it's important to understand where they are coming from. Here are some common sources of wires in a home:

Once you've identified where the wires are coming from, it will be easier to plan how to hide them.

Use Wire Concealers and Cable Raceways

There are many inexpensive products designed specifically for hiding wires. Here are some effective options:

I've used these with great success to hide wires while keeping them easily accessible. Much neater than loose wires!

Tuck Wires Behind Moldings

Another trick is to tuck wires behind baseboard trim or quarter-round molding. Simply pry the trim off gently, tuck the wires behind it, and re-attach the trim. This instantly hides wires along floors or walls.

You can do the same behind crown molding near the ceiling. Just pull it off, run wires behind, and put the trim back on. Be sure not to detach any electrical wiring inside the walls!

Run Wires Through Walls and Floors

For a cleaner look, you can drill holes in walls and floors to route the wiring through inside the infrastructure. Here's how:

While this requires more work, it keeps the wires completely hidden for a streamlined appearance.

Conceal Wires Under Furniture

For concealing wires that run from a TV media console to the TV on the wall, try routing them under area rugs or furniture.

You can use plastic cable ramps to smoothly transition wires from underneath furniture to the open area.

Make sure to secure the wires properly so they don't get tripped over.

Use Power Outlet Concealers Behind Furniture

Wires plugged into power outlets can often look messy with furniture in front of them. Use simple plastic power outlet concealers that fit over outlets and blend in with your walls.

Push furniture flush against them to keep that area looking clean. The wires will be hidden!

Bundle Loose Wires Together

For exposed wires that can't be hidden fully, simply bundling them together can make them look neater.

Use velcro straps or cable ties spaced every 6 inches or so to keep a tight bundle. It will appear cleaner as one thick wire instead of many small ones.

You can also use sleeves as mentioned earlier to encase the entire wire bundle.


Hiding wires in your home can be simple with the right techniques:

With a little time and creativity, you can conceal unsightly wires for a clean, streamlined look in any room. Just be sure not to cover up wires in a way that could cause overheating. And never run wires inside HVAC ducts! Follow building codes and manufacturer guidelines. With the right approach, you can banish messy wires for good.