How to Hide Wires in Plain Sight With Everyday Household Items

How to Hide Wires in Plain Sight With Everyday Household Items

Hiding wires and cables in your home can be an eyesore. However, with some creative thinking and everyday household items, you can conceal them in plain sight. Here are some tips on how to hide wires using things you likely already have around the house.

Use Picture Frames

Picture frames make excellent wire hiders. Simply drill a hole in the back or side of the frame. Thread your cables through the hole, then hang the picture over them. The wires will be completely out of sight behind the frame.

Some ideas:

Conceal with Furniture

Furniture that touches the wall, like bookcases, hutches and sideboards, effortlessly hide wires. Simply pass any cables behind them close to the wall. The furniture will camouflage the wires for a clean look.

Some furniture hiding ideas:

Use Decor Strategically

Home decor like wall art, sculptures, baskets and even plants can creatively conceal wires. Position them over and around wires to make the cables disappear.

Decor tips:

Tack Wires Discreetly

For exposed wires running across walls, use discreet tackers to blend them in. Painted wires, wire channels and cord covers make them less noticeable.

Some subtle tacking ideas:

With a little creativity, you can conceal wires around your home using ordinary household items. Frames, furniture, decor and tackers help wires virtually disappear, so you can enjoy your rooms wire-free.