How to Hide Wires in Walls Without Cutting Drywall

How to Hide Wires in Walls Without Cutting Drywall

Hiding wires in walls without cutting drywall can seem daunting, but with some planning and the right materials, it is very doable. As a homeowner looking to update my wiring without the mess and expense of drywall work, I have learned a few helpful techniques to conceal cables in a clean and attractive way.

Gather Supplies

Choose Pathways

When routing new wires without cutting drywall, you have a few options:

Through Existing Outlets

Inside Wall Cavities

Along Baseboards

Maintain Safety

When fishing cables through walls, keep these safety guidelines in mind:

With the right tools and some handywork skills, hiding wires without cutting drywall is very feasible. Just take precautions, plan routing carefully, and seal all openings neatly. The results will keep wall surfaces smooth and your wiring upgrades hidden.