How to Improve Your Yard’s Security With Landscape Lighting

How to Improve Your Yard's Security With Landscape Lighting

Installing landscape lighting is one of the best ways to improve the security of your yard. With the right lighting design and fixtures, you can increase visibility, deter intruders, and create a safer outdoor environment. Here's how to use landscape lighting to enhance your home's security.

Conduct a Security Assessment of Your Yard

The first step is to walk around your yard and make notes of any vulnerable areas or security concerns.

As you assess your yard, think about places where lighting could increase visibility and eliminate blind spots. This will help you come up with a lighting plan later on.

Choose the Right Fixtures

For security, opt for lighting fixtures that project powerful beams of light. Floodlights or spotlights work better than lower-wattage path lighting or ambient lighting.

Some good options include:

Strategically Place Lights Around Your Yard

Where you position landscape lights is key for enhancing security.


Illuminate all entryways including driveways, walkways, doors, and gates. Bright lighting will eliminate shadows and make these areas far less appealing for intruders.


Place lights along the full perimeter of your property, focused outward. This removes hiding places and provides full visibility of your yard's boundaries.

Vulnerable Areas

Target any vulnerable areas like dark corners, tall shrubs, or blocked views. A floodlight or spotlight can remove blind spots and eliminate areas where intruders could lurk.

Motion Lights

For extra security, install motion-activated lights. These instantly turn on when movement is detected, catching intruders by surprise. Place them in vulnerable spots.

Use a Lighting Automation System

A lighting automation system takes your security lights to the next level. These systems allow you to control your landscape lights via an app.

With an automation system, you can:

This makes it easy to control your lights and react if there's suspicious activity.

Layer Security Lighting with Other Measures

While lighting is extremely effective, it's even better paired with other security features.

Some ways to further boost your yard's security include:

Proper lighting coupled with other preventative measures will create layers of security and discourage unwanted visitors.

By taking time to assess your yard, install smart lighting, and integrate other security features, you can transform your landscape into a safe haven. With the right lighting plan, you can keep your property secure and deter crime day or night.