How to Increase Home Efficiency With Hidden Electrical Improvements

How to Increase Home Efficiency With Hidden Electrical Improvements

Audit Your Home's Energy Use

The first step to increasing your home's energy efficiency is to understand where you are using the most electricity. Here are some tips for auditing your home's energy use:

Upgrade Outdated Electrical Systems

Replacing outdated electrical equipment with energy efficient models can significantly reduce your home's energy consumption. Here are some impactful upgrades I made:



Enhance HVAC Efficiency

Heating and cooling accounts for a huge portion of home energy bills. Some upgrades I did to make my HVAC system run more efficiently include:

Monitor and Control Usage Remotely

One of the best ways I improved efficiency was installing a home energy management system that connects electrical devices and allows me to monitor and control energy use from my phone. Key features I use include:

The energy dashboard and automation routines have helped reduce wasted energy. I can also quickly detect any new devices or habits increasing costs so I can take action.

Shift Usage During Off-Peak Hours

Many electric companies use variable pricing based on energy demand throughout the day. Here are some ways I've shifted high-draw activities to lower-cost off-peak hours:

These small changes reduce stress on the electric grid during peak hours and have helped lower my electric bills.

Consider Renewable Energy

While efficiency improvements should be your first focus, on-site renewable energy generation can further reduce your reliance on grid electricity. Some options I considered include:

Carefully weigh upfront costs against energy savings potential and available incentives when evaluating renewable systems.

By taking advantage of these hidden opportunities to increase my home's efficiency, I've managed to reduce my electric bills by over 20% while also increasing comfort. Let me know if you have any other questions!