How to Install an Outlet Behind Your Refrigerator

How to Install an Outlet Behind Your Refrigerator

Installing an outlet behind your refrigerator can provide a convenient way to plug in the fridge without having an unsightly cord hanging down. With some basic DIY skills and the right materials, you can add an outlet relatively easily. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install an outlet behind a refrigerator.

Assessing Your Current Outlet Situation

Before installing a new outlet, you'll need to assess your current electrical setup:

Check Where Your Refrigerator's Power Cord Reaches

Identify a Source of Power

Consider Hiring an Electrician

Gathering the Right Materials

You'll need the following materials for this project:

Installing the New Outlet

Once you have the necessary materials, follow these steps:

1. Turn Off Power at the Breaker

2. Cut Hole for Outlet Box

3. Mount Outlet Box

4. Feed and Connect Wires

5. Attach Outlet

6. Patch and Finish Drywall

7. Restore Power and Test

And that's it! With the right materials and safety precautions, you can add an outlet behind a refrigerator relatively easily. Just be sure to turn off power and test wires before handling to avoid getting shocked. Take your time and follow code requirements. If in doubt, hire a professional electrician to ensure safety. Enjoy the convenience of your new concealed outlet!