How to Install Electrical Wiring Yourself on the Cheap

Installing electrical wiring in your home can seem like a daunting task, but with some planning and basic skills, it can be done safely and affordably. As a novice, I learned how to wire new circuits in my home all by myself, saving thousands of dollars in the process. Here's my step-by-step guide on how I did it.

Gather the Necessary Materials and Tools

Before starting any electrical project, you'll need to stock up on some basic supplies. Here's what I purchased to wire two new circuits in my home:

Many of these materials are available at your local hardware store. Shop around for the best prices.

Plan Your Wiring Circuit

Before starting the installation, you need to map out the circuit you intend to wire. Here are some tips:

Safety First! Turn Off Power and Working with Walls

Before doing any electrical work, safety should be your top concern. Here's what I did to ensure safety:

Follow these simple precautions and you can install wiring safely like a professional electrician.

Running and Securing the New Wires

Once my circuit plan was laid out and the materials were purchased, I was ready to start running the new wires through the house. Here are the steps I followed:

The key is taking it slow and making each run neat and workmanlike. Well supported wires are safer and look more professional.

Making Secure Electrical Connections

Here are some tips for making great electrical connections when wiring:

Follow these guidelines and your wiring connections will be super solid for decades of use.

Install the Circuit Breaker and Connect to Panel

The last step was to connect my new circuit to the main electrical panel and install the new breaker:

With the new circuit terminations complete and the breaker installed, I could finally switch the main power back on and start testing out my new wiring.

Helpful Tips and Tricks I Learned

During my first DIY electrical project, I picked up some helpful tips that served me well:

Take these tips to heart and you'll gain the confidence to wire like a pro!


While it takes careful planning and attention to safety, installing basic household electrical wiring is totally achievable for a dedicated DIYer. I found it to be an extremely rewarding project that saved me thousands of dollars. This guide covers the essential steps involved so you can wire new circuits in your own home with confidence. Always prioritize safety, work methodically, use quality materials, and don't be afraid to ask for help. Follow these principles and you can become a skilled home electrician! Let me know if you have any other tips for wiring a house yourself on the cheap. I'd love to hear how your project goes!