How to Install Hidden Wiring in Your Home Without Anyone Noticing

Installing hidden wiring in your home can provide a clean, seamless look without exposed cables or wires. With some planning and DIY skills, you can install hidden wiring for lighting, home theater, security systems and more without it being noticeable. Here is an in-depth guide on how I installed hidden wiring in my home without anyone noticing.

Selecting the Right Hidden Wiring System

The first step is choosing the right type of hidden wiring system for your needs:

For most DIYers, raceways provide the best balance of ease of installation and versatility. I chose Legrand Wiremold raceways for my home wiring project.

When selecting raceways, consider:

Planning the Wiring Runs

Before starting the installation, you need to plan out all the wiring runs in your home.

For my media room, I planned wiring runs from my AV receiver to 4 in-wall speakers, 2 surround speakers, my projector and my TV. Planning it all out ahead of time ensured I got cables to every component without visible wires crossing the room.

Installing the Raceways

With raceways selected and wiring runs mapped out, now you can start the installation:

1. Mount the Raceways

Use screws or adhesive to mount raceway tracks along your planned routes. For a discreet installation:

2. Cut Access Holes

Cut small access holes in your drywall where you want to route cables in and out of the raceways. Use a drywall saw and be sure to save the cutout pieces.

3. Fish the Cables

Use a fish tape to route your cables through the walls and into the raceways through the access holes. Tape cables end-to-end if extra length is needed.

4. Close Up Access Holes

Secure cables in the raceways and use silicone caulk followed by drywall compound to close up the access holes around the cables. Paint to match the wall.

5. Install Wall Plates

Install wall plates and audio/video outlets to connect your devices. Choose Decora-style plates that match your raceways.

Hiding the DVR, AV Receiver and Other Components

For a fully hidden install, you need to also conceal your DVR, AV receiver, game consoles and other components:

I built a compartment in an unused area behind my media room wet bar to install my AV receiver, gaming consoles and streaming player while keeping them easily accessible.

Maintaining Hidden Wiring and Expanding Over Time

With your hidden wiring installed, a little maintenance and planning ensures it remains discreet:

By following this guide, you can install new wiring for speakers, TVs, security systems and more without having exposed cables running across rooms. With some creativity and DIY spirit, you can maintain a clean, seamless look in your home.