Installing low-voltage landscape lighting can add beauty and security to your outdoor spaces. However, improperly installed lighting can also attract unwanted wildlife, like bears, to your property. Follow this in-depth guide to learn how to install low-voltage lighting that is visually appealing but won't bring bears to your yard.

Choosing Low-Voltage Lighting Fixtures

When selecting low-voltage fixtures, avoid lights that produce UV rays or humming noises. These features can draw insects, which in turn attract bears searching for food. Instead, choose:

Determining Light Placement

Strategic light placement can illuminate your landscape while directing light away from natural areas. When installing, position lights:

Using Proper Installation Techniques

Follow code requirements and safety precautions during installation:

Maintaining Your Low-Voltage Lighting

With proper maintenance, your landscape lights will operate safely for years:

Installing Motion-Activated Security Lighting

For additional protection around sheds, coops, and other outbuildings, install motion-activated security lighting. Here are some tips:

By choosing bear-wise lighting and installing it properly, you can enhance your property's landscape while avoiding unwanted late-night visitors. Careful lighting keeps bears in their natural habitat and away from your yard.